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Number 91: Reader Submitted

Submitted by H from Richmond, VA. Thanks, man! My first reader submitted post arrived during my sixth month celebration of blogging here! Cool!

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Number 82: GLBT History Month: John Amaechi

John Amaechi was born on May 29, 1970, the son of a Nigerian father and a British mother. In 2007, he made history by becoming the first NBA player to come out, ever, and publicly acknowledge that he's gay. He did this through the release of his memoir, "Man In The Middle" (ESPN Press, 2007). During his professional basketball career, the played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic and the Utah Jazz.
He graduated from Penn State University with a degree in psychology.

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Number 78: Celebrity Armpits Week: Trey Songz

This picture concludes the observance of celebrity armpits week here at Hirsute Armpits. I hope that you enjoyed the images presented to you. The selection of photographs posted was difficult and, at times, stressful. Our race has produced too many beautiful, erotic, handsome, hirsute, masculine and rugged men for a short week to do justice. Remember, my bruthas, we are all handsome, proud and sensual celebrities in our own right.

This offering commemorates a special time for Hirsute Armpits. I have blogged here for a total of six months now. I hope that you'll visit here again soon!

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